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Meet the Staff of Sensible Rides

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Chad Skola - Cheif Operating Officer

801-934-3374 - chad@extremeautoservice.com

After serving our country in the Army for 13 years Chad joined our team.  In deciding which direction to take his career, the car industry was not on his list.  His experience with the car business was that they were all "shady".   He investigated our company and realized our team was challenging the integrity of the auto industry and joined us.   Chad brings energy and enthusiasm to our team and upholds the values the founding of this company holds dear!  

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Justin Manning - Owner

801-934-3374 - justin@sensiblerides.com

After 12 years in the dealership world I walked away with the determination that there is a better way to help people.  For the past 20 years I have been challenging the integrity of the auto industry for thousands of clients.  Helping people navigate and confidently make decisions with car repair, purchase, extended warranty and insurance aspects of car ownership.  Our design and way of doing business is designed with you in mind!  

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Steve Chapman - General Manager

801-814-6649 - steve@sensiblerides.com

47 Years in the Auto Industry.  Steve brings a wealth of knowledge the help clients make the best vehicle purchase decision for their situation.  No detail is too small that misses Steve's Eye when getting our cars ready for you.  Steve is a refreshing ray of sunshine in the world of car sales that can be pushy and frustrating to deal with.   

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